Balance Is Joy


Do you want more




in your life?


is a powerful energetic treatment which will increase your personal energy, balance and purpose.

This is a hands-on treatment divided across two days which will shift and upgrade your personal
energy system to be optimally suited for today’s world.

We are instructures for Aura Mediator training and certified Aura Mediators and together we have
over 50 years of experience of working in personal development.
We work mainly in Sweden, England, Latvia and Spain.

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Sophelia Korhonen

I was born 1965 in Sweden. I was a very wild teenager, living my life at a very fast pace until I crashed and became severely depressed at the age of 21. I had to find alternative ways to develop and grow so I went to many self-development groups in Sweden and travelled to different places to find healing and create wellness and balance in my life. I gave birth to three children and they had a big positive impact on my life. I was also doing lots of different therapies and a four year experiential therapist training in Holland at the Osho Humaniversity to support myself and my family. I had a big life change when I met Aamod and we did our AuraTransformation and Aura Mediator and certification course together. We had such a profound and positive change in our relationship, family and life from doing our AuraTransformation. So we decided to work with this permanent energy treatment to give that opportunity to other people and families. Now my purpose in life is to inspire people on their spiritual path. 

Aamod Korhonen

I was born 1974 in Sweden. Early in my life I suffered from many kinds of addictions and severe depression for many years and even tried to commit suicide. I felt lost and didn’t have any purpose. I was forced to start to develop myself to change my life and my feelings about myself and my way of living. I met my wife Sophelia about fifteen years ago and we both worked together with self development intensively exploring different therapies and meditational processes. In 2013 we carried out our AuraTransformation and it was a profound change for myself and the whole family. We then went on to complete our Aura Mediator course the following year and now we are one of the first Certified Aura Mediator couples in the world. For me, it’s a wonderful gift allowing me to support others to take the next big leap in their lives and create a powerful impact on every aspect of their being. This reflects my mission of inspiring change in life.