Personal growth are our passion and we truly love what we do!


We are a Spirit Mate couple from Sweden who work together both with photography and AuraTransformation™.

We work mainly in Sweden, England, Latvia and Spain and we love to work with single people, couples and whole families to support their development and relationship.

Sophelia has worked with personal development for over 30 years and Aamod over 20 years, we have a lot of experience from our personal lives and many therapies.

Sophelia Korhonen

I was born 1965 in Sweden. I was a very wild teenager, living my life in very fast pace until I crashed inside, got severe depressed and sick at age 21. I had to find alternative ways to develop and grow. So I went to many self development groups in Sweden and travelled different places to find healing and create wellness and balance in my life. My purpose in life is to inspire people on their spiritual path. I gave birth to three children and they had a big positive impact om my life. I was also doing lots of different therapies and a four year therapist training in Holland at Osho Humaniversity to support myself and the whole family. I had a big life change when I met Aamod and we did our AuraTransformation™ and our Aura Mediator™ and certification course together. We had such a profound and positive change in our relationship, family and life from doing our AuraTransformation™. So we decided to work with this permanent energy treatment to give that opportunity to other people and families. Today I work as an Aura Mediator™ in Sweden, England, Latvia and Spain. And i work with photography, Intutive One to One Spirit guide sessions, EFT coach and an assistant nurse.

Aamod Korhonen

I was born 1974 in Sweden. Early in my life I started with different kind of addictions, suffered from severe depression for many years and even tried to commit suicide. I felt lost and didn’t have any purpose in my life. I was forced to start to develop myself to change my life and my feelings about myself and my life. I met my wife Sophelia about ten years ago and we both worked together with self development and different therapies and meditations. In 2013 we did our AuraTransformation™ and it was a profound change for myself and the whole family. We did our Aura Mediator™ course the year after and now we are one of the first Certified Aura Mediators™ in the world. Today I work as an Aura Mediator™, photographer, raindrop masseur, EFT coach and as an assistant nurse. I want to inspire change in life.

Balance Is Joy


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